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Mentor Programs

Each of us has had an influential person in our life that helped us along the way and set our path to a trajectory of sustained success. A great mentor is life-changing. MPower helps organizations establish the best practices and get intentional on their achievements within a mentorship framework.

The MPower Team has trained mentorship clients from diverse industries, giving them the skills, tools, and insight they need to succeed and utilize the internal core leaders to drive tomorrow's leadership and build a foundation for success.

Director and Chief Strategist Trent Clark is dedicated to empowering clients to reach their goals, attain peak performance and create intentional management and direction within the framework of the company's goals. Trent's methodology will help transition leadership teams and potential leaders to the next level and beyond. Trent shares his model for personal and physical development through coaching, training, management, team communication and mentoring critical leaders and team members within an organization, allowing the leaders to model the behaviors of change and success desired within the development of an Organization.

Trent served over 12 seasons in Professional Baseball with the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels as a Director of Human Performance Development. His achievements include 3 trips to the World Series. His leadership style of coaching has been a culmination of training professional athletes and working with great leaders such as Sparky Anderson, Mark Shapiro, Nick Saban, Tom Izzo, Joe Maddon, Mike Scioscia and more.

As a member of the Entrepreneur Organization, Trent currently serves on their Global Mentorship Sub-Committee. Its Mentoring program is the fastest growing educational program for the over 11,000 members. Trent has been instrumental in bringing content, training knowledge and facilitating Mentorship launches in Chapters all over the world.

MPower Athletes, Inc is a firm dedicated to business and personal development. The MPower Mentoring experience is a mentally and physically enriching program designed to create extended strategies for growth, personnel development, extend human resource and change management strategies and enrich leadership within an organization.

Get in contact today to utilize our skilled team of experienced professionals, and our time tested methods of growth and strategy.